Building Trust with Quality Work

Building Trust with Quality Work

Building Trust with Quality WorkBuilding Trust with Quality Work

Repair Services


Docks and Boathouses

A large part of Big Water Docks, LLC's business is repairing boathouses. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done. Our barges and equipment allow us to take on projects that others cannot. Our cranes allow us to remove and recover items that others cannot. When choosing someone to do your boathouse repairs look no farther than Big Water Docks, LLC


Seawalls and Retaining Wall Repair

We have extensive experience in Seawalls. Our knowledge of seawall combinations are second to none. The most common mistake made is the installation of a wood seawall where a driven steel or vinyl sheet wall should have been. The wood walls undermine on heavy wave action areas of the lake.

IMM Quality, cable boat lift, Alumavator

Boat Lift Repairs and Upgrades

Built for the best efficiency of your time , our boat lifts are the very best money can buy. We offer HydroHoist lifts for the floating docks and Imm Quality lifts for the stationary docks.